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Fallsburg Parents Learn How to Use SchoolTool
As a follow-up to a community meeting with parents on Communicating with Teachers, Fallsburg Central School District (FCSD) Family and Community Engagement Liaison Ms. Aleta Lymon invited parents to a tutorial on the use of SchoolTool on the evening of November 15 in the Fallsburg Junior Senior High School.  Ms. Jane Tingley, Director of Staff Evaluation and Student Data, showed parents how to log on and access SchoolTool.  With clear handouts and a SmartBoard, each parent used a computer in the lab or added a mobile app to their smartphone. Also on hand to assist with Spanish speaking parents were elementary teacher Ms. Luisa Fernandes and Migrant Education Tutor Ms. Alejandra Surman.

SchoolTool contains information on each student in FCSD, such as contact persons, schedule, attendance, grades, assessments and assignments.  The information is confidential.  Parents can only access a child’s information through a personal password.

During the hour-long tutorial, parents learned to open up the information, how to provide changes in contact information, how to email a teacher, and how to read schedules and assignments.  Access forms on the school web site are bilingual and can be easily filled out at home.  Assessments for NYSED and NWEA tests are entered throughout the year.

Ms. Lymon, Ms. Fernandes and Ms. Surman, will be sharing the tutorial information with parents throughout the year at other events, open houses, and ENL classes.  Ms. Tingley will make these presentations as needed for groups of parents.  The information is invaluable to them and empowers them to access the details of their child’s daily schedule, work assignments and assessments in a few simple strokes on a computer keyboard or their smartphone.