School Threat Update: Theat Not Credible

School Threat Update: Theat Not Credible
Posted on 12/15/2021
Picture of Dr. KatzDear Parent/Guardian:

The purpose of this letter is to update you on the school threat I alerted you to early this morning.  The main point I’d like you to be aware of is that, per the District Attorney’s office and the various police agencies involved in today’s investigation, there is no credible or viable threat to the Fallsburg Central School District. As a result the Fallsburg Central School District will be open tomorrow for in-person learning.

Details: The individual responsible for the threatening Fallsburg posts (not a Fallsburg student or school community member) has been identified and is subject to criminal or delinquency charges. The investigation determined that the individual who posted the threats was motivated by the sensationalism surrounding such social media posts rather than any actual plans to do harm to the Fallsburg Central School District. This individual is responsible for the terroristic threats they communicated and the alarm that ensued, including Fallsburg’s school closure and increased police presence at schools that did open today.

On behalf of the Fallsburg Central School District I want to thank the District Attorney’s Office and all of the police agencies involved for acting quickly to identify the individual responsible for the threats made.  Our law enforcement partners made a very positive difference for us today.

I also want to thank our school community for being patient while today’s investigation took place.  I realize that many were upset but, fortunately, there was no credible threat and school will be in normal session tomorrow.

Thank you for your support and attention.

Dr. Katz
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